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Игра addemup

Apr 5, 2005 Add'em Up Game Information. Add'em Up. Author: Blue Bug Games; Description: Madness of a puzzle that's not so hard on the math, but. See how you can use the game Add 'Em Up as a learning tool at home and in the classroom using our full, in-depth learning guide. Add 'em Up. Combine strategy, concentration, and basic adding by clearing the board. This game is not as easy as you think, practice makes perfect.

PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer selling Add 'em Up. I have become too busy with other ventures to support the game effectively. Take a look at the next tile in the que and place it on the board. Add the numbers and click on the correct answer. This game has 10 questions. PrimaryGames Network · Read Our Blog · Find Us on Facebook · Follow Add 'Em Up Dice Game - Age-appropriate activities designed for people with Alzheimer's and dementia by Keeping. Oct 19, 2013 Add 'em up! A deceptively simple card game. The game is simple. End with a collection of cards that add up to the highest amount. But final. AddEmUp. It's a strategy game with a difference. sharpen the mind and enjoy the game, The goal of Add 'em Up is to eliminate all number. bomber.

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