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The BM-30 Smerch 9A52 is a russian made heavy multiple rocket launcher. The BM-30 is designed and manufactured by the Russian Company Splav State. Smerch (Russian for Whirlwind) might refer to: BM-30 Smerch, a modern multiple rocket launcher system; Smerch (radar), fighter radar on the Mikoyan-Gurevich. Thanks for the A2A. Can Russian multiple rocket launchers, such as the Uragan or Smerch, . How many shells can be fired from 1 AT4 anti-tank launcher? Is there a air to air missile against missile? Would the Energia 2 (Uragan) rocket

The latest variant of the multiple rocket launchert system BM-30 is the Smerch-M with the launcher vehicle 9A52-2. The Smerch-M is equipped now with the.

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